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Since 2001, Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours has been modernizing the bike rental market in San Francisco and surrounding areas. The idea for an efficient and easy bicycle rental operation in San Francisco was the idea of husband and wife who sought to offer visitors top quality bikes for rentals and tours. The goal of the small, family-run business was to change how the rental business was run; changing the idea from a “bike shack” to a fun and professional storefront environment with new, high quality bikes, exceptional customer service, and quick check-out procedures. Over the years, Bay City Bike expanded to  a total of three Fisherman’s Wharf storefronts featuring 100s of bicycles.
In addition to self guided rentals, Daily Guided Tours were later introduced, where expertly trained guides take guests from San Francisco to Sausalito. These quickly became a must-do activity among many domestic and international visitors. The guides strive to provide an excellent experience for guests, with safety and fun as the objectives of each tour. Guides retain the freedom to personalize their tours with their personality and to cater to their riders’ needs – if riders are experienced the tour can be embellished; if riders are novice the tour can slow it down a bit. Bottom line- no two tours are alike. The expansion to include an 1:00 pm afternoon departure in the Fall of 2011 only alludes to the ever-growing programs introduced by Bay City Bike on a regular basis.
Apart from the sales and tour activities for which Bay City Bike was founded, a very integral part of the business model includes being good ambassadors for bicycling in and around the San Francisco Bay. With commitment to various organizations and events such as Sunday Streets, the San Francisco and Marin Bike Coalitions, and Mike’s Bikes Africa, Bay City Bike continues to support and encourage bicycle programs that inform the benefits of bicycling to both individuals and the environment.
Bay City Bike’s success as a business is a testament to the dedication and the quality of bikes, service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. The dynamic, international staff at Bay City Bike is comprised of bicycle enthusiasts and share the passion of enjoying the outdoors and everything that the San Francisco Bay area has to offer. As a family run business with over 20 years of experience the passion and commitment held for cycling shines through in service offering and operation.
  • Bay City Bike is committed to providing new, quality equipment for all experience levels. All bikes are sold off and replaced yearly.
  • Bright, clean and welcoming facilities where guests have fun learning and preparing for their rides.
  • Well thought out bike tours with friendly, professional tour leaders
  • Custom, high quality maps detailing rides for all levels of riders and interests.
Bay City Bike is committed to providing guests with a safe, fun and memorable experience without exception, without fail, every time. Amazing Views, Flat Paths, Family Fun: Bike San Francisco!
Did you have a great time biking the Golden Gate Bridge or exploring the Marin Headlands? Did you have an awesome experience you want to share with us and perhaps others? We always love hearing back from our customers. Tell us your story using our Contact Us form.

We are involved with our world, both locally and nationally. Bay City Bike is proud of our memberships and affiliations with the following fine associations: