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This is a must do if you are visiting San Francisco! Our tour guide, Paul, was more than helpful. This was my favorite part about visiting the city and would do it again if I came back. Although the fog was so thick we could barely see the bridge, Paul still made our tour fun and completely worthwhile!

Maggie P, New York, Nov. 2013


On the ride to Sausalito, there are well-marked bike paths all the way there. Lovely scenery and lots of lookout spots to take pictures. There are lots of tourists doing the same (but also a lot of locals "training for the Tour de France" who get annoyed!).

Once we were at the Golden Gate Bridge, for the most part the bike path was easy to navigate. There are a few spots where it narrows, so somewhat awkward when you have Lance Armstrong flying at you. Lots of hills along the way - depending on your comfort level, many walk up the hills - take your time and enjoy the lovely scenery!

Aymie R, Calgary, Canada, Oct. 2013


I brought in my company as an incentive group to ride with a guide. We cycled through the outskirts of the city to the Golden Gate Bridge which was spectacular! The guide was perfect, stopping at different spots for photos and telling us stories that made us laugh and learn.

Maddie Z, Milwaukee, WI Oct. 2013


The route is easy enough for kids to do it. That's what made me want to bike to Sausalito. It took me out of my comfort zone because I am not comfortable biking around crowds or traffic, but I had a smile across my face the whole time. 

We took our time an took a few pics and took a detour to stop at the fort to use their restroom. We started sometime in the morning and made it to Sausalito for lunch and just walked around. 

Kristine "Steen" R., Las Vegas, Nv. Aug. 2013


The guided tour across the Golden Gate Bridge was great. Rental process was fairly easy and efficient and next thing we knew, we were off on our bike trip. What a beautiful, scenic ride.  So different than driving across it!

Michelle K., San Diego, CA, July 2013


Being a trio of biker n00bz, we were deathly afraid of physical injury or worse--getting lost with no sustenance to be had. But Bay City Bike had our backs, providing helmets, ulocks, a water bottle, and a large, laminated map that dangled in front of our noses as we paddled. 

Book with confidence!

Ferai X., San Francisco, CA. Oct. 2012