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What to do in San Francisco – City Street Tour by E-Bike

March 12, 2019

If you haven’t cruised around on an e-bike on a fantastic San Francisco street tour, you have no idea what you are missing. This is an experience that you and your family are going to remember for years to come. Have you been on an “electric bike” yet? An electric bike is a bike with a high-powered rechargeable battery that uses pedal assist to propel you to speeds up to 20 mph effortlessly. Riding through the hills of San Francisco an e-bike tour San Francisco is a much more pleasurable and exciting experience than just using an average hybrid bike. At Bay City Bike, our fleet of e-bikes is top notch with style and lets you blast smoothly through the historic city parts of our fun city. Ride like a local through sites the Giant’s Oracle ballpark, trendy NOPA, historic Haight Ashbury, and the cultural powerhouse that is the Mission District. Let’s dive a little deeper into what you’ll be seeing when you go on an e-bike tour San Francisco with one of our knowledgeable bike guides ready to lead you on this fantastic 15-mile journey.

A San Francisco Street Tour With Style

A four-hour guided bike tour on an e-bike is the perfect amount of time to spin around the city and take a peek at some of the most historic sites that San Francisco has to offer. Plus, when you are riding on an e-bike, you are not only getting some great exercise, but the e-assist makes riding so much easier and fun! You don’t have to worry about the dips and hills of our great city because the electric assist will help you cruise through the terrain of the city with ease. Trust us, if you have never been on an e-bike before then, you are in for a treat. Kids especially that are 13 and over love this type of bike because it makes riding seem like you have a motor pushing you along. For a teen that may not be all that excited about a bike tour of San Francisco, riding an e-bike completely changes the experience for them. It will definitely be something that after Spring Break or vacation, they will go home and brag to their friends about with family memories that will last forever.

E-Bike Tours in San Francisco On Your Own Or With Your Family

On your own or with a group, doing an e-bike tour, San Francisco is such a fun way to experience the beauty of our fair city. When you get to see places like the iconic “Painted Ladies of Alamo Square” or the Civic Center on a bike, you’ll get to know San Francisco in a way that goes beyond being just a regular tourist.

E-Bike Tour San Francisco With The Best Bike Guides In Town

Our guides love what they do, and you’ll enjoy how fun it is to cruise around on an e-bike with a local who knows the terrain of the city like the back of their hand. Get insider information that will make the journey one to remember. Chat with one of our expert guides today if you have questions about any of our San Francisco street tours at Bay City Bike Tours.

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