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What To Do In San Francisco – Biking Golden Gate Park

May 1, 2019

Get the Most Out of Biking Golden Gate Park

  1. historic Shakespeare Gardens
  2. Japanese Tea Gardens
  3. Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill
  4. The Academy of Sciences
  5. de Young Museum


One of the most iconic parts of our great city is the Golden Gate Bridge. This monument to transportation is a sight to behold when you visit San Francisco for business or with your family on a cherished vacation. However, be sure not to miss biking our City’s “Central Park:” Golden Gate Park. This 1000 plus acre park welcomes record numbers of visitors each year. There are numerous attractions within the park to enjoy. The park has a conservatory of flowers, the Golden Gate Park windmills, tulips, and the de Young Museum, which features thousands of artifacts from all different parts of the world. But when you are biking through the park like a local with Bay City Bike as your bike rental tour guide, you are going to get to see this great park on a whole new level.Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers - Bay City BIke


Golden Gate Park Bike Rental With Bay City Bike

This tour is suitable for groups of all ages and is considered a “beginner-friendly” bike ride. Let’s explore a little more of what you’ll experience with us on your six-hour biking Golden Gate Park tour. Biking Golden Gate Park tour starts at 11 AM year-round and lasts about two hours. You will cover about six miles of territory through the Golden Gate Park in this relaxed and gorgeous ride. There isn’t any better way to experience this part of our grand city than on a bicycle with your friends or family.

Family Ride - San Francisco - Bay City Bike

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Biking Golden Gate Park

A couple of sites you are going to see on the tour are the historic Shakespeare Gardens and Japanese Tea Gardens. The Shakespeare Garden is the most romantic picnic spot with over 200 of the flowers and plants featured in Shakespeare’s famous plays. The Shakespeare Garden is easy to miss if you don’t know about it or have a knowledgeable guide point it out to you. The Japanese Tea Garden is another prime spot in the park that you will love to see. It was built as part of the World’s Fair in 1894, the grand history of this extraordinary garden spot is very unique and lasting.

Japanese Tea Garden Tour - Bay City Bike


Some of the other spots you’ll tour past on your bike is Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill. Plus, we’ll get to see a little bit of the spooky grandeur by going over the area’s fun haunted history. The city is infamous for that. Teens especially love to dive into the slightly sinister and sweetly scary part of the park. Don’t worry, we keep it light and fun-hearted for those who scare easily!

Family Bike Tour San Francisco

The last thing you’ll see on the family bike tour San Francisco is Ocean Beach where you can see tons of surf-lovers riding the waves. After the bike ride, you can return to visit the two museums in the park, the de Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences. The Academy of Sciences is a museum that features an aquarium, a natural history exhibit, and a star-gazing planetarium. So cool for the entire family to explore! If you have questions about anything to do with biking Golden Gate Park, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk about booking your next biking adventure with us. This ride is definitely one your friends and family will remember exploring together with Bay City Bike as your guide.

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