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What to do in San Francisco – Sunset Bike Ride the Golden Gate

March 29, 2019

Want to hit some of the city’s most iconic attractions to tie off a perfect afternoon? If you appreciate history and great views, then you’ll probably feel just as excited about the Sunset by Bike Tour as I do. Our bike routes in San Francisco are a scenic introduction to San Francisco at its most picturesque time of day.

Start Your Pier 39 Bike Ride Off Right

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the best places to start exploring the city. Riding along the waterfront with a Golden Gate Bridge bike rental, you get to see more than just crowds. The area acts as a neat little historical backdrop to set the tone for a casual ride — Its buildings display a range of architectural styles and intriguing artistic influences. Even better, this bike route in San Francisco lets you look up the hill towards some of the most recognizable parts of the city without having to make the climb upward yourself.

Head Along the Historic Harbor Areas

After passing the Maritime Museum, it’s fun splitting off onto the bike path that takes you through the Aquatic Park on this Gold Gate Bridge Bike Rental. From here, this ride opens up to provide better views of some of the area’s more unique residents — the seals and California sea lions that love basking in the sun just offshore.

The lush Fort Mason complex is a cool place to see buildings dating back to the Civil War, and there’s always something exciting happening at the farmer’s market and marina. Picking up the San Francisco Bay Trail, I like to slow down and look out across the harbor and maybe even enjoy a San Francisco sunset. From here, I can spy Alcatraz Island, the Wave Organ, and the Marina District Lighthouse — sights that many other bicycle tours of San Francisco somehow manage to overlook.

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Cutting Through Crissy Field

Riding through Crissy Field on one of the bike routes in San Francisco may be a bit more work than chilling out on its beach, the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge drawing nearer is worth it. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get oriented and take note of itinerary points like the MIS Historic Learning Center and Stillwell Hall. Although I can’t see them all from the trail, it’s neat knowing that I’m so close to the old battery fortifications and historic viewpoints, which makes it easier to find my way back later for out-of-the-way selfies.

Up and Over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the capstone of this ride, and the approach is nice and smooth. The gentle zigzagged path makes the climb fly by. Before I know it, I’m up overhead looking down at the cannon mounts on Fort Point.

If anything, I almost wish this part of the Golden Gate Bridge bike tour was longer. The bridge path is open to cyclists only at this time of day, so you’re free to enjoy it all. Although the view up here is always breathtaking, watching the setting sun gradually turn everything a golden color is an unforgettable experience — no matter how many times I see it.

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